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F Cup Spree

F CUP Cookie

Each F-cup Cookie contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the same safe and effective, natural breast-enhancing ingredient found in B2UP Body Make Gum (Bust Up Gum). Learn more about Pueraria Mirifica »

As the name implies, F-cup Cookies will help you achieve larger breasts while you relax and enjoy a tasty, low calorie cook¡e. (An F cup size in Japan is like a DD cup size in the U.S.). Try an F-cup Cookie with Japanese Tea. A perfect combination.

F-cup Cookies now come in two flavors: Soy Milk (Plain) or Pralines and Chocolate. (Both flavors may not be available at the same time.)

For ease of use, each F-cup Cookie is individually wrapped, ready to enjoy anytime. Just 1 to 2 cook¡es per day is all that's needed for natural breast enhancement. And it really works!

Look and feel younger. No one will ever know how you did it.

1 Box contains 30 cookies
Flavours: Chocolate, Plain
Price: RM98 1 Box

The delicious peach aroma and flavor of F-cup Tea will relax and calm your nerves. And with the same breast-enlarging ingredient as F-cup Cookies, F-cup Tea will enhance your breasts at the same time. (An F cup size in Japan is like a DD cup size in the U.S.)

Each cup of F-cup Tea contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the same safe and effective, natural breast-enhancing ingredient found in F-cup Cookies and B2UP Body Make Gum (Bust Up Gum). Learn more about Pueraria Mirifica »

Each cup of F-cup Tea also contains 20mg of Dandelion Extract to stimulate your female hormones and promote a shapely female body.

Relax and enjoy a cup of F-cup Tea twice a day and you'll look and feel younger. F-cup Tea is an instant tea, stored in individual packets for ease of use. Just add hot or cold water. No steeping necessary.

1 box contains 10 bags
Only Peach flavour

Price: RM65 per box



L'élan Vital Perfect Coverage Twin Concealer
Concealer - To conceal dark under-eye circles and even out skin tone. Can also be applied on cheekbone and nose to highlight contour.

- To camouflage spot blemishes like freckles, pimples
and age spots.
Colours: As shown on left >>>
Price: RM35
L'elan Vital Waterproof EYeliner
A remarkable liquid eyeliner with flexible brush tip that draws to precision a delicate or dramatic line that frames eyes to create unbelievable depth and added dimension. Waterproof formulation resists tears and sweat for a long-lasting look.
Colours: Black, Brown
Price: RM22
L'élan Vital Triple-Play Lip Palette
Create a multitude of lip-smacking effects with 9 universally flattering colours, ranging from nude to deep shades, in 3 essential finishes - lip gloss, lip shimmer and lip colour.

Enriched with emollients to nourish and protect lips, leaving on an ultra-comfortable silky feel.

Price: RM32

Market Price : RM39.5

L'élan Vital Dazzling Shine Eye Palette
Sparkle Your Eyes with 18 ultra-luminous, shimmery colour
Price: RM35

L'élan Vital Lip & Eye Palette
Lip Palette 5 x 1.63g
Eye Palette 5 x 1.45g

Cold Colour Warm colour
1st Deck 5 Dazzling Colours for Luscious Lips
A combination of sheer and rich lip colours - use on its own or mix and match added glamour. Lip caring formula with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera moisturizes and hydrates lips, keeping them soft and plump.

2nd Deck 5 Enchanting Colours for Gorgeous Eyes
Use a single colour for a simple, sweet look or combine a few shades for a more sensational effect. High-shine formula with a soft texture applies smoothly for comfortable wear.

Price: RM50

Magnifying Mascara For Dramatic Volume & Length
High performance water-resistant mascara that dramatically thickens and elongates lashes for an ultra-glamorous effect. Its specially designed applicator coats each lash with infinite precision to achieve sky-high curves that show off electrifying eyes with a dazzling impression. Lashes stay beautifully long and curved for hours.
Price: RM40
The Latest Lash Sensation
L'élan Vital Extremelash Mascara Duo
Now you can achieve the glamorous 'fake lash' effect minus the hassle and pain.
Consisting of Mascara Base and Amplifying Fibre, this innovative mascara duo works like magic on even the shortest, finest and sparsest lashes to maximize length, volume and curl.

Mascara Base works as a lash primer and definer. Its deep-conditioning formula strengthens and prepares lashes for maximum fibre coating. Featherweight Amplifying Fibre provides the ultimate fibre extension to thicken and lengthen each lash without weighing them down. As a final coat, Mascara Base stretches and fixes the fibre as it defines every lash.

Longwearing, sweat-resistant formula gives lashes the ultra-glam, luscious curve that holds all ay. No smudging or clumping. Rinses off completely with water without staining
Price: RM50
Market Price: RM75

Translucent Loose Powder For Sheer, Natural Radiance An ultra micronized loose powder with excellent skin affinity provides a light, silky veil that is perfect for setting foundation. Extremely soft powder with translucent coverage eliminates shine and reduces the appearance of imperfections for a lasting matte complexion.
Price: RM34
Diamante Ultra-Shimmer Eyeshadow 6 x 0.82g
for Seductive Eyes
Super fine and smooth powder spreads on evenly and clings on to lids for vibrant shimmery colour that lasts. Adds sparkle and depth to eyes for an electrifying look.
Diamante Ultra-Glow Loose Powder 10g
for Radiant Perfection
Specially formulated ultra-fine light diffusing powder instantly gives a luminous glow to face that everyone dreams for. It helps diminish the appearance of imperfections by optimizing the effect of light. Enriched with Vitamin C and skin-beautifying ingredients that lighten skin, absorb excess sebum and conceal pores while it hydrates and moisturises your skin.
Price: RM55

ITs all about bust care

L'elan Vital Bust Lift and Firm Cream
Formulated with clinically proven plant ingredients, Bust Lift & Firm Cream works from within to deliver the ultimate care that breasts need - visible firmness, suppleness and an irresistibly youthful, flawless texture.

Revives Skin's Elasticity & Restores Firmness
The concentrated blend of skin-firming plant extracts - Kigelia, Pueraria and Pea, work in synergy to firm breasts, significantly enhancing its shape and creating a lifted, youthful bustline. These 3 powerful extracts are clinically proven to:
Boost collagen production and increase skin density to reinforce breasts' supportive network
Foster elastin synthesis to restore much-needed resiliency and youthful suppleness
Prevent the breakdown of existing collagen and elastin to maintain skin's strength and elasticity

Price: RM50
Market price: RM65

L'elan Vital Bust Serum
L'elan Vital Bust Serum - dramatic lifting & firming results
Sagging breasts are instantly lifted. Within 2 weeks, results from users show a dramatic 1-2 cm lift. Within 4 weeks of continuous application, a lift of up to 3cm was recorded (results may vary depending on degree of sagging).

L'elan Vital Bust Serum for fuller, shapelier breasts
Noticeable breast enhancement from the 1 st week. Results from users after 1-2 months of treatment show an increase ranging from 1/2 cup up to 1 1/2 cup.

L'elan Vital Bust Serum facilitates fat migration for a slim upper body
During the breast enhancement therapy, excess fat from the sides of the torso gradually 'migrates' towards the breasts, increasing their volume and size.

Developed by E N Das Labor (Laboratories) Germany, this breakthrough breast enhancement therapy is the result of more than 13 years of research. It combines:
Pueraria Mirifica, a scientifically proven breast-enhancing herb that lifts and firms sagging breasts and promote development of breast size to its fullest potential
Cutting-edge Nano technology that reduces the size of the active compounds to approximately 2,000 times smaller than skin pores for instant penetration and results
100% pure and natural, free from artificial preservatives, colourants and fragrance.
Price: RM65 for ONE
Buy TWO for RM120 Market price RM85

All about Masks

Bioglo T-Zone Peel-Off Mask
Say goodbye to the blackheads and shiny, oily skin on the T-Zone area instantly with Bioglo T-Zone Peel-Off Mask.

It is specifically formulated for the trouble-prone T-zone to instantly:
Remove blackheads easily and painlessly
Unclog pores
Absorb excess sebum that causes skin breakouts
Control sebum production

See and feel immediate results - no more blackheads, less visible pores and clearer, smoother skin!
Price: RM 20 for 1
Buy TWO for RM30

Bioglo Collagen Mask
Stimulates collagen production and replenishes collagen in the skin
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Smoothens and softens skin texture
Reduces sagging and firms skin
Rehydrates and moisturises dry skin
Collagen for Firm, Youthful Skin
Collagen, which accounts up to 75% of skin tissue, plays an essential role in maintaining skin tone, suppleness and elasticity. It helps create that smooth, firm skin and natural healthy glow we all had when we were young. Unfortunately, the production of collagen declines at a rate of 1.5% yearly after age 25. Scientists have recently discovered that the gradual degradation of collagen in the skin results in visibly dry, dull, wrinkled, and sagging skin.
Packet : 1 packet contains 3 masks
Price: RM25 for 1 packet Buy TWO packets for RM45

Soothing Cucumber Eye Mask
Treat yourself to 10-15 minutes of relaxation after a long tiring day or late night. Just place a cool and revitalizing cucumber mask over each eye, sit back and relax!
Great for refreshing and reviving tired, stressed skin or soothing sunburns too!

Pamper your tired eyes with the soothing relief of this cucumber eye mask, infused with natural cucumber extract, portulaca, mulberry, Vitamin E and green tea extract - a potent antioxidant.
Your eyes will feel rested and completely refreshed.
Signs of stress and tiredness will be erased, along with eye bags and puffiness. The skin around your eyes will be rejuvenated, softer and smoother. Dark eye circles will be visibly diminished over time.
Cucumber & Portulaca Extract - Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and relieve tired eyes. Reduce swelling and puffiness
Vitamin E - Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
Mulberry Extract - Skin lightening properties to reduce dark under-eye circles
Green Tea Extract - Potent antioxidant catechin to fight free radical damage and premature ageing
Packet: 1 packet contains 10 pairs of masks
Price: RM20 for 1 packet OR buy TWO for RM35
Whitening and Firming Mask
L'élan Vital Whitening & Firming Mask utilises a unique ultra-thin material that feels weightless and is almost transparent on the skin. It lets your skin breathe and is a perfect fit!
Breakthrough mask that fits perfectly just like a second skin on your face. Allows your skin to breathe while delivering more active ingredients into your skin for phenomenal results!
Feel and see the difference!
L'élan Vital Whitening & Firming Mask, with EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) concentrated from colostrums (cow's first milk), penetrates deep into the skin dermis giving it that youthful, dewy and rejuvenated look in no time at all.
Dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Tightens and lifts sagging skin
Brightens skin to restore skin luminosity, and rid dullness and uneven skin tone
Pampers skin with deep hydration and moisturisation
Softens and smoothens skin
PAcket: 1 packet contains 3 masks
Price: RM40 for 1 packet

Eye Mask for Dark Eye
Heredity, allergies, bad night's sleep, partying all night, overworked, stressed out, etc… No matter what the reason is for your eye bags or dark circles, L'élan Vital Eye Mask provides the perfect solution.
Unsightly dark eye circles are actually caused by the oxidation of hemoglobin, and eye bags are caused by accumulation of excess fluid in the delicate skin under the eyes. They can make you look haggard, ill and years older than you really are.
Strengthens capillaries to prevent leakage o hemoglobin and fluids that cause dark shadows
Eliminates excess fluids to relieve puffiness
Enhances firmness to reduce slackening of the skin
Soothes inflammation to reduce swelling

Clears away pigmented, oxidized hemoglobin that gives dark eye circles their tell-tale colour
Improves skin density for better micro vascular network support around the eyes
Boosts the metabolism of skin cells to improve under eye skin texture

Extracted from sweet almond protein, used by ancient Romans for its toning and smoothing effects
Tightens and lifts slackened skin to reduce eye bags

Packet: 1 packet contains 5 pair of masks
Price:RM30 for 1 packet
Buy TWO packets for RMRM55
OR buy ONE MASK for RM8

Wrinkle-Smoothing & Lifting Mask
Discover the ultimate lifting and face-contouring experience with L'élan Vital Wrinkle-Smoothing & Lifting Mask. A uniquely designed 2-piece mask to deliver phenomenal lifting effects no other 1-piece mask can offer.
Expect remarkable results from the very first treatment!

Sagging skin is visibly lifted and firmed
Flabby or "chubby" cheeks are tightened and contoured
Dry, dehydrated skin is instantly moisturised
Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced
Skin appears smoother and feels softer
Packet: 1 packet contains 3 Masks
Price: RM35 each packet
Buy TWO packets for RM45

OR Buy 1 MASK for RM10